Jah first began studying musical theory before he could recite the complete alphabet. He was influenced by the Sounds of funk, r&b, soul and reggae. Both his parents were brought up in music and art enthralled families. Jah was inspired by his parent’s passion for sound and joined the local church choir. His passion for music advanced along with him, he took interest in the keyboard and alto saxophone. He was enrolled in both the Neptune Jr. and Sr. High school marching band.

As he entered college, he was prompted by the local college radio station to DJ on air thursday nights. While playing commercial music, he thought why not add in my own music while I have the opportunity, and so the quest began. Jah immediately taught himself the art of engineering and producing music. He began to spark the interest of his peers with his unique sound he titles “Ambient Funk”.

Today, he is 10 years in the engineering and producing field and ready to debut his latest album this year. “In My Space EP”